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At Global Launch, we understand that nothing happens in business until someone sells something. Our clients, of all sizes, understand the power in leveraging our unique services for launching new or managing existing products in the Mass Distribution Sales Channels. Over the years, we've built a strong base of knowledge, insight, vision, and lasting relationships in order to optimize the partnership between our clients and their targeted accounts.

No matter how fantastic your product is, no product sells itself, so having a consistent, effective sales effort is absolutely essential. Creating an effective sales effort can be one of the most difficult aspects of launching a product line. To be successful, you must locate the right prospects, create a compelling sales message for them, and then deploy a well-trained, experienced sales individual to professionally deliver the message. According to the Research Institute of America, more than 50% of all U.S. manufacturers (and up to 80% in such fields as the electrical industry) turn to outsourcing sales efforts, exclusively or in combination with direct sales forces.

Even after the perfect program is in place, the account relationships must be actively managed and monitored. Each must receive continuous communication, motivation and information in order to keep those relationships healthy, vibrant, and productive. With our sales launch program, you have everything you need to introduce a successful product while fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

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