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Launching the Ultimate Program

Product Development

Our clients, of all sizes, understand the power in leveraging our unique services for launching new or managing existing products in the Mass Distribution Sales Channels. Thanks to our immense industry experience, we've developed a foundation of knowledge, insight, vision and strong relationships that optimizes the partnership between our clients and their targeted accounts while driving successful programs.

Deploying Global Launch

We provide all the consultation, direction, action and assistance needed to take our clients from conception to execution. We step together toward the opportunities that lie ahead. Read more on how we successfully launch your product into the Mass Merchant Channel and manage a long-lasting relationship.

Steps that Streamline our Path to Success

Step 1: Create the Client & Product Profile
We work with clients to collect detailed information about their organization and products. Important details such as specifications, features, differentiators and pricing are needed to determine viability. Next, we identify and profile the target market, and quantify the specific sales objectives for the short and long term.

Step 2: Develop Program & Present It
We work diligently with our client and their key departments to develop a sales model and program that is profitable, serviceable, meets the targeted account's requirements and is appropriate for their selling environment. Once the program is ready to present, we secure appointments with targeted account's buyers, present the opportunity and secure the partnership.

Product on Retail Floor

Step 3: Execute & Maintain the Program
We work with both our client and the target account to ensure the program is properly executed on both sides. Global Launch is the "Coordinator and Manager" of all the many activities required to successfully launch a program smoothly and maintain it.

Successful Product Launches:

In order to successfully launch your product and manage a long-lasting relationship, we:

  • Determine Ability to Offer Competitive Products & Price Points
  • Determine Ability to Provide Service & Support the Account
  • Identify & Evaluate Target Markets & Competitive Information & Pricing
  • Identify Target Accounts & Appropriate Buyers
  • Determine Account's Vendor Requirements
  • Identify Revenue & Value-Added Opportunities
  • Identify Timing Opportunities
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Anticipate Account's Reaction to Product Offering
  • Identify Support Needed to Build & Increase Sales While Meeting Account's Vendor Requirements
  • Develop Sales Presentation & Conceptual Marketing Materials as Needed
  • Provide Key Department Training for Clients
  • Complete Account's Contracts & Vendor Documents
  • Complete Account's Item Setup
  • Assist in Creating Supporting Sales & Marketing Documents
  • Provide Relationship Building & Management
  • Provide Overall Account Management